Station Monitoring

Faster and safer trains and subways

Impeccable timing is key to many transit experiences – from train and subway stations to future hyperloop departure points. Operators are challenged to maximize throughput while providing safe traveler experiences that deliver profit and preference for public transport.

Mind the gap

Control crowds in real time with analytics that calculate the density of people in each area, stairway, platform and car. The alert-based framework is your always-on security manager, predicting hotspots and proactively automating action if thresholds are breached.

Update messages. Redirect flow to less crowded areas. With the Station Management solution, passengers can move smoothly and safely.

Powerful recommendations

Is manual data analysis or lack of insight slowing down your operation? Minimize operating cost and meet rising demand with data-driven decision making. Make long-term plans based on actual flow and travel data from across the network.

With forecasting and simulation tools, you can plan maintenance, identify idle capacity, adjust schedules and make smarter trade investments.

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