Traffic Monitoring

Make traffic flow freely with data-driven insights

Having a traffic management solution in place allows traffic managers to detect congestion and incidents in a matter of seconds to minimize bottlenecks and support long-term planning.


Accurately measure travel times, average speeds, volume and dwell times. Count the number of vehicles, understand the type and their speed by lane, and detect oncoming traffic.

From radars to roadside sensors with Bluetooth and WI-FI, the solution delivers the data capture and analysis tools needed to accurately visualize the operation of your network.


See your road network on real time from anywhere with a fully mobile interface. Stop delays before they occur with predictive information, actionable KPIs and alerts based on your traffic management needs.

From weather and event information to real-time traffic and historical data, connect to everything you need to anticipate congestion and respond quickly.


Give the decision to your guests with timely travel information across all modes of transport. Provide advance notification of road incidents with integration into road signs, travel apps and media.

With traffic, rideshare, transit, and even wait and walk times at airport screening. The Transit Management solution helps you to provide trip planning with even better experiences.


Smooth future traffic flows identifying problem areas. Understand how traffic patterns change between peak and off-peak hours. Synchronize the traffic light sequence along with the flow between intersections.

With data-driven forecasting and simulation, you can prioritize new investments and confidently plan routes, works and detours.

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